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Deliverable D7.2: Scoping Report on the Legal Impacts of BEAMING Technologies D 7.2-BEAMING Deliverable 7.2-FINAL.pdf
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BEAMING 2011 Proceedings BEAMING 2011 Proceedings.pdf
Deliverable D7.1: Assessment of Ethical and Legal Issues of Component Technologies BEAMING_Deliverable_D7_1.pdf
D. Hammershøi: Som at være der selv.
P.F. Hoffmann, F. Christensen and D. Hammershøi: Quantitative assessment of spatial sound distortion by the semi-ideal recording point of a hear-through device.
F. Christensen, P.F. Hoffmann and D. Hammershøi: Measuring directional characteristics of in-ear recording devices.
P.F. Hoffmann, F. Christensen and D. Hammershøi: Insert earphone calibration for hear-through options.
M. Marković, S.K. Olesen and D. Hammershøi: Room acoustics modeling using a point-cloud representation of the room geometry.
M. Marković, Søren K.O. and Dorte H.: Three-dimensional point-cloud room model for room acoustics simulations.
M. Marković, E. Madsen, P.F. Hoffmann, S.K. Olesen and D. Hammershøi: Spatial sound rendering of a playing xylophone for the telepresence application.
E. Madsen, M. Marković, S.K. Olesen, P.F. Hoffmann and D. Hammershøi: Audio system using binaural synthesis for multimodal telepresence applications.
A.K. Møller, P.F. Hoffmann, M. Carrozzino, C. Faita, G. Avveduto, F. Tecchia, F. Christensen and D. Hammershøi: Joint evaluation of communication quality and user experience in an audio-visual virtual reality meeting.
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S. Jeon and M. Harders, Extending Haptic Augmented Reality: Modulating Stiness during Two-Point Squeezing
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