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Ar-Rift from Will Steptoe at UCL featured on BBC and Gamespot


The AR-Rift from Will Steptoe at UCL has been featured in several high profile pieces:


Neelie Kroes visiting the Beaming stand at ICT 2013 in Vilnius


Neelie Kroes came by to see Anton from Starlab beam back to the EventLAB in Barcelona to chat with Mel.


Mel Slater interviewed by UBTV

 Mel talks about Beaming at UB's TV channel.


Feeling like a child again - Beaming research published in PNAS


Feeling like a child again Immersive virtual reality can give adults such a strong illusion of being inside a child’s body that it affects their perception of the physical sizes of objects as well as their personal attributes, according to a study. Mel Slater and colleagues use immersive virtual reality to give adults avatars. Half had the virtual body of a 4-year-old and the other half a scaled-down adult body, the same size as the child body.



 SFR, the swiss TV channel broadcasted a piece about BEAMING, including an interview with Mathias included.

Here is the link to the SFW webpage, with both the writen article and the videos (In swiss german).

  The interview with Mathias (more videos on the webpage)

USC Researcher Uses a Robot as a Real Roving Reporter


Telepresence experiment studies how interview subjects in Spain will respond to questions posed by a robot being operated in LA


Who/What: Researcher Nonny de la Peña, a pioneering immersive journalist and USC Ph.D student who is exploring how new technologies can be used in journalism, is going to be interviewing researchers and activists in Spain via a robot. De la Peña will be operating the robot wearing a motion capture suit (like the ones used in Avatar) at the University of Southern California Institute for Creative Technologies’ Mixed Reality Lab in Playa Vista. Her movements and interactions will be relayed into the robot, which will be in Spain with the interview subjects. Her gestures and gaze will be replicated by the robot, in order to create a communication experience that goes beyond talking on a phone or using Skype.

Why: Aside from being interesting topics (the AIDS researchers’ breakthroughs and the Catalan independence movement), this is an experiment in telepresence – exploring what it means to have the reporter in the room (as a robot) interviewing the subjects in Spain from the lab here in LA. This project is part of a larger EU-funded research investigating how a person can visit a remote location feel fully immersed in the new environment. Will a reporter get to “go” to the moon next? Travel to a dangerous frontline story during a revolution? Walk the bottom of the ocean? To our knowledge, this will be the first time a reporter is driving a robot to do an interview. Talk about advancing the story!

BEAMING special session at Eurographics 2013

beaming eg.jpg

The BEAMING Project is organising a special session at this years Eurographics conference to be held in Girona on May 8th 2013. The session is open to all and will showcase Beaming technology and applications developed in the project.


‘Emerging Legal Issues with Remote Presence Technologies’ workshop

Ray Purdy at ‘Emerging Legal Issues with Remote Presence Technologies’ workshop

 A workshop, ‘Emerging Legal Issues with Remote Presence Technologies’ was held at the Faculty of Laws, University College London (UCL) on the 5th November 2012.  The workshop, which was held as part of the BEAMING project, was the first of its kind to look at this technology and these issues from a l

BEAMING Legal and Ethical Workshop, Wednesday October 10th 2012

Julian Savulescu and Tim Nissen during Beaming legal workshop

 On Wednesday, 10th October the BEAMING Consortium met for a workshop on the ethical and legal implications of researching and developing BEAMING and BEAMING-like technologies.

The workshop began with a brief introduction from Patrick Haggard about the importance of integrating ethical and legal issues into the core research activity of any project developing new technologies. The aim of the workshop was to help the Consortium think about what type of issues BEAMING might raise and how we could address them. 

Beaming into the Rat World: Enabling Real-Time Interaction Between Rat and Human Each at their Own Scale


Research published in PLOS ONE today by BEAMING researchers at the EventLAB in Barcelona shows how we can seamlessly beam from human scale to rat scale and vice versa.

Read more here:

You can also watch the video on Beaming's YouTube Channel: